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admit it. life is full of challenges we often don’t expect to come.

so why don’t we come to them… and challenge them instead???


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beneath my name

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my name is nistria.

And if I asked my parents why I was named Nistria, their answer will be something like this:

“Nis” comes from the city where my mother and father live in france, Nice (you actualy read it like “nissss” not “naisss”)

“Tri” because it was the third year my parents lived in France.

and “A” just to make it sounds girly. hahahaha

and then my grandfather give me a chinese name, Zeng Mei Ying.

Zeng is our family name, Mei comes from Mei Gui, means roses, and Ying means heroism, something heroic and such.

Combined that, I like my name Nistria because it’s very unique (you can hardly find other person with the same name as mine!) and I like my name Mei Ying because it sounds good and it is easy to be written.

and i guess that’s all about my name…

Welcome to the Mille-Feuille Sonata

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Hello world, this is my first post on my umpteenth blog. I always like blogging, but never to the extent that I update it regularly XP. But hey, I’m blogging again!

Well it isn’t my sole intention that I’m writing a blog again. Since I am a student of SBM-ITB, and I’m on my 3rd year, I enrolled in a course called “creativity and innovation”. This course is lectured by Mr. Apiq and indeed, I found it very unorthodox and cool. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the course that I looooveee the most ❀ ❀ In this class, to obtain a score, you need to write a blog and well, this is my blog πŸ˜€

As for my title… why Mille-feuille sonata?

well for those who are wondering what a mille-feuille Β is, this might give you guys a slight idea of it’s physical appearance.


classic french mille-feuille

mille-feuille is a classic french dessert consists of thin puff pastry layers with vanilla custard, topped with sweet vanilla glaze. heavenly. it is my favorite dessert and i will be able to make it one day for sure (hopefully).

And why sonata?

because I want it. Look at these boring covers of musical books. They’re boring. They’re expensive. Even worse, most of them are not published in Indonesia so you have to buy them online (IF you want them, of course). But I like it. I love classical music. Don’t ask why XD i just loooooveeee it and currently learning it. To some people, they are boring. But to me, they’re my saving grace. Even just staring at them without playing the tune will make me feel like a professional pianist (HAHA YEAH RIGHT).

Welcome to my Mille-Feuille Sonata. Here you will see a combination of my favorite things… πŸ™‚