SCAMPER-ing rice

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SCAMPER. SCAMPER. SCAMPER. well it sounds like, scam? but it is really useful. trust me

The SCAMPER method is a great way to turn one idea into several more ideas. To use this method, simply apply any of the actions below to your ideas. For example, if you have an idea to make a new widget, you may be able to ‘substitute’ a new material to make it stronger, or ‘magnify’ it to make it bigger, or ‘eliminate’ part of it to make it lighter.

oh! look at this article!!!

Indonesians Urged to Kick on Rice Habit – The Jakarta Globe

indonesia is going into a shortage of rice 😦 too bad eh?

this is why we are going to SCAMPERice 😀


S — Substitute

there are lots of rice subsitute, of course. noodles, cassava, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bread, italian pasta, unleavened bread…

with people subsituting their rice, things will be okay. that’s what SBY wants us to do. But me, as a rice loving person with a compulsive obsessive behavior on having to always produce the perfect fried rice, this simply doesnt work… I like bread. but you can’t make nasi goreng with bread. you can still make mie goreng with italian spaghetti, and you can eat indomie with carbonara sauce, but you cant replace bread for rice in nasi goreng. that goes against the rule of universe.

C — Combine

let’s see… why don’t we make something to resemble rice… which isn’t rice at all.

there are some alternative for the combination…

one, genetic combination. combine the genes of the weed inside the gene of a barley so that we can make a strand of rice plant grows 100-200 grains of rice. that will be awesome and indonesia will be the sole exporter of rice to the world.

two, combination of things that can resemble the rice. I know! use the thinnest spaghetti… angel hair pasta. buy the dried form. like this.

then you break it into small pieces, combine with cassava starch and steam it. it will look just like rice… only more yellowish.

okay im not really sure about that.


A — Adapt Your Idea

the problem is that indonesian thinks that rice is something we should have everyday. a meal without rice isn’t really considered a proper meal.

this is where people who study marketing should do this. we should shift the cultural believe that rice is everyday. if we change the paradigmn of rice as everyday food into rice as luxury food, it will be easier…

we can use the shopper behavior slides as guides to the research 🙂

M — Magnifiy.

YESSS!!! Make the rice grain bigger and bigger!!!! so that less rice can feed more people 😀 😀 😀

P — Put to other use

you can use your rice to make glue.


simply crush some grain of rice, mix with a drop of water and you can use it as natural, organic glue. no non-biodegradable residue, environmentally friendly, and handy.

E — Eliminate

Or perhaps eliminate the carbohydrate and enhance the fibre content in the rice!!!

Why this can work? because basically human needs more carbohydrates than other nutrition…

if we make rice as source of fibre, the consumption of rice will decrease because people doesn’t need as much fibre as carbs… yay

R — Reverse

well just reverse it! don’t eat the grains, eat the hulls! use your pressure cooker to make it crunchy chewy and add some butter to make it tasty…

I do believe that rice hulls are edible. YES I DO!!!



well that’s my scamper




(the self-proclaimed Indonesia’s masterchef 2013)


Spiritual Creativity

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Everyone knows what creativity is… But how does it apply to the spiritual dimension?

Let’s say that at the first time, the Intelligent Quotient was developed for the sake of measuring the capability of human brain. Later then, it was proved that IQ alone cannot lead someone to success. It needs other thing that supports how the people behave in the society, which is Emotional Quotient. After a while, the concept of emotional quotient is still relevant, but will it still be applicable in the future.

Here goes Spiritual Quotient.

Let’s ask aunt wiki first.

Spiritual quotient (SQ) is described as a measure that looks at a person’s spiritual intelligence in the same way as intelligence quotient (IQ) looks at cognitive intelligence. The concept encapsulates 6 types of personality: social, investigative, artistic, realist, contractor and conventional.”

But that doesn’t explain what spiritual creativity is.

Well, let me say that after reading this, I think I can define my own definition of spiritual creativity.

Spiritual creativity is the unseen force that gets us to what we want. We can call it faith, we can call it something that people talk about in Rhonda Bynes’s book The Secret. I prefer to call it faith. It is up to you about who you give your faith to, you can give to your God, you can also give it to the universe if you prefer.

The important thing is that your spiritual creativity allows you to get you closer to what you desire to, as long as it is powerful enough and you, believe in it. What you think will happen, it will.

When you think you are lucky, you will always be lucky. It is because when you think so, this creates a force around you that draw lucky events to you… And this is how spiritual creativity works. You have to think creatively to make use of this force to get you into good events.

(to be honest, I think one can be a lucky person just by thinking that he or she is lucky… Yes! make use of the spiritual creativity. You actually can become what you think of 😉 well if you really believe in it, of course).

People may consider this as the force of nature. I prefer calling this the blessing from God, in the form of spiritual creativity.

well scientists still consider this as pseudo science… but thinking of yourself as a lucky person doesn’t do any harm, does it? try it 🙂



P.S.: Pak Agus, thanks for the C&I lectures! they are inspiring 🙂