Hmm to me there are several innovations that is important in my life. This is because human are so smart that they created various inventions that later became a part of their daily life.

So when you say most important, I’ll think of rice cooker. because i am constantly hungry three times a day. wait… that’s normal, isn’t it?

To me rice is very important to my life, because yes for indonesian, rice is often regarded as the center of life, even more than a meal itself. And not also to indonesians but also to some asian countries. Sometimes having a meal without rice cannot be regarded as a proper meal for us.

These are the prove that rice is an integral part of asian life:

Singaporean Hainanese Chicken rice

Malaysians Nasi Lemak

Korean bibimbap

Japanese Onigiri

And last but not least… Our beloved Nasi Goreng 🙂

well if there is no rice cooker, imagine how much effort we need to use to get a freshly cooked rice…


pictures of nasi goreng is taken from