I am Indonesian.

And what defines my nationality is what I eat…

therefore, I am really thankful to the innovation that was first initially begun by Mitsubishi Corp… For me, as an Indonesian, I do think that they deserve a noble for inventing the most-used appliances of our Indonesian life…


Okay. All people might just think this is stupid but I think this is highly innovative! Imagine what will happen to the world without rice cooker! Our precious time will be wasted just to make the rice manually.

With rice cooker, we can save up to 60 minutes of working per cooking rice. Once a day, we eat rice 3x. So we save almost 120 minutes of working time per day. oh. what a life!!!

So that’s why in my opinion, Mitsubishi is the most creative and innovative company. Because they invented rice cooker.

that’s all =P