By any means, communication technology is one of the fastest-changing and fastest-improving technology in the society.

(oh well this is just what I think will happen if the fairy godmother is a gadget-freak, she’d have given cinderella a pager, yeah right =P)

when I was given assignment on how to think about the future communication, I came up with an idea based on the difficulties of a long-distance couples.

Since long ago, long distance relationships has been a cause for severe, sad break-ups from couples around the world. True that things have become better because of the advanced communications technology, but to countries like Indonesia, where the cost of communications is still relatively high compared to the standard wage, long distance relationship might end up in mishaps like this:

1. misunderstanding because no text reply (no cell phone credit)

2. a fight because of Blackberry Messenger delay (bad infrastructure of our country. ugh)

3. suddenly cannot do any video call because the wi-fi connection is screwed up (once again, bad infrastructure of the country)

4. blackout in the house, and no internet connection. so no chat, no video call, just plain, short, and expensive text message if your significant other resides out of state.

5. a very bad situation of missing each others too much that your partner might even think an affair will drive away the loneliness (NOO!!!)

I hope in the future the world, yes the whole world is covered with wi-fi connection with one sole providers. It means that all our devices are connected and and intertwined with one network.

If you want to text, it will work in the mechanism of Instant Messaging

If you want to call, it will work in the mechanism of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

So you don’t need to pay for other fees, just pay for the monthly internet, no cell phone credit needed, and of course it will be a lot cheaper. and cooler. use your device for texting, or video call, or e-mail. watch the same video with your partner together. awww ❤