my name is nistria.

And if I asked my parents why I was named Nistria, their answer will be something like this:

“Nis” comes from the city where my mother and father live in france, Nice (you actualy read it like “nissss” not “naisss”)

“Tri” because it was the third year my parents lived in France.

and “A” just to make it sounds girly. hahahaha

and then my grandfather give me a chinese name, Zeng Mei Ying.

Zeng is our family name, Mei comes from Mei Gui, means roses, and Ying means heroism, something heroic and such.

Combined that, I like my name Nistria because it’s very unique (you can hardly find other person with the same name as mine!) and I like my name Mei Ying because it sounds good and it is easy to be written.

and i guess that’s all about my name…